ORNNOVA is an IT company having a vision to provide high quality IT services at  reasonable budgets which are globally acknowledged and accepted. The world of PLM Leaders and Industry stalwarts, who had the vision to introduce high quality PLM Consulting, are now associated with ORNNOVA group today. ORNNOVA is not just a PLM  service provider anymore, but is vouched to be a highly trust worthy consulting partner for major OEMS and PLM stakeholders and pioneers.


ORNNOVA has an extensive experience on various industry verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace, Ship building, Energy,  Electronics to name a few. Having a strategic partnership with leading OEMS and PLM pioneers, ORNNOVA involves in researching on a point to point(P2P) solutions which results in enhancing the performance and productivity of our customers.


Acknowledging our strength and our global reach,  many PLM experts from USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe have joined us to extend their services to collaborate and associate with us in a much bigger way.


We have professionally designed a variety of customized solutions for all prospective users or customers from the PLM domain. We exhibit an urge to provide even the simplest or a shortest possible solution to our customers with an objective to deliver high quality, irrespective of the scope of work. The onsite/offshore methodologies, best practices, template driven project execution approach, industry specific knowledge makes us completely different and unique in the PLM service industry in the global scenario. While we strive for Customer Delight in our services,  we automatically become the preferred partner by choice. 


Our vision is to provide high quality PLM IT services world wide, making us very unique in the PLM service industry



Our employees are well trained to contribute individually

Our company has several International Experienced IT experts.

More than the contracts, we believe in delivering projects to the satisfaction of the end user.

Success of an IT system lies in effectively managing them, we are experts in enabling customers to maintain their IT systems periodically.

We are skilled in delivering projects at fixed price.

We deliver projects at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality.

More over many IT experts have joined us voluntarily to provide high quality services. We also provide an open and flexible communication channel to our employees in order to make each employee part of our growth policy.


We involve our employees to be party to our financial growth based on their contribution, irrespective of their grade and position in the company. This makes several IT experts, who are frustrated with their financial growth Vs technical contribution. it gives an opportunity to earn based on the client engagements apart from their regular salaries and bonus. This reward policy motivates our consultants to be committed at work ensuring client satisfaction leading to high quality services.


Please refer our IT Services.


Any customer who requires very quick service can contact us. Service Partnership is the requirement from customers side but not mandatory from ORNNOVA. ORNNOVA can work without any partnership process, to quickly address the requirements.


Service requirement from any customer can be even for a day, ORNNOVA is committed to respond irrespective of the size of the project.  Services include Consulting on New Modules, Training, Bug Fixing, Technical support to in-house IT team, Productivity Enablement, Implementations, Support & Maintenance etc.,


You can reach us at suresh.rao@ornnova.com. A mail would enable your services. We shall only be glad to be at your service.