ORNNOVA Application Maintenance Support Bangalore

Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) services are very essential services for the companies with enterprise wide PLM implementations. While implementation is one of the crucial step, supporting the application and users effectively to use the system is also an important phase to leverage expected benefits from the system and improve productivity. Though the system is implemented to address all the requirements of a company, if the users are not aware of all the key methods of how to take benefit out of the system, then the entire purpose of the company is lost.


At the same time training several times is also an expensive proposition.


ORNNOVA helps in providing global support to these customers. Such support services are categorized as Help Desk Services(L0), Basic Technical Services ( L1), Bug fixes and rectification services ( L2), Enhancement and new requirements implementation services ( L3), Product defect management services ( L4).


ORNNOVA has necessary best practices and IT tools to provide the above said support from remote location in a cost effective way to the advantage of the clients.


How does it work ?

Client who need such support can contact ORNNOVA. Team ORNNOVA would visit the clients and understand the complexity of the system and submit a proposal on how the support can be provided. After agreement from the customer, set of experts would visit the client and prepare a support road map, which can be monitored periodically to ensure the improvement in the system.


Progress on such services will be demonstrated monthly.

   - Utilization Reports: Talks about how many employees are using the system each month.

   - Performance Reports: How the system is performing on usage and rectification methods.

   - Productivity Reports: Explains which location/department/team/user needs more support.

Please contact us for more details on suresh.rao@ornnova.com