ORNNOVA Technologies India private Limited established to provide high quality PLM services and also provide technical career for PLM consultants. ORNNOVA India located in IT hub of India, Bangalore which the preferred location for many IT experts. 


To provide consistent delivery services experienced team designed a PLM cook book, a detailed guide lines for executing every service element. This makes our team to deliver same quality of services across units to all customers.

We have service partnership with OEMS and System Integrator  in executing PLM projects.

We build PLM team by recruiting highly skilled candidates on IT and train them on PLM functional and customization. This would help us to customize/configure PLM products suitably as per customer need without loosing much time due to lack of programming skills.

We are augmenting skilled employees in India to support our global units such a ORNNOVA GmbH, ORNNOVA Technologies UK Limited.


We have grown to 65 employees in the span of 2 years and our growth plan is very steep till 2020.

Our readiness on execution, team awarded us high valued projects. Please speak to us to know more details.



Contact : suresh.rao@ornnova.com