Here we understand your top level objectives in introducing PLM initiatives and also collect details from various core users and analyse/suggest road map on how to effectively implement PLM system.

This service element would help any organisation to understand the health of the system and based on suggested action plan by us, appropriate steps can be taken up either from us or from any other service provider.

Objective: Our Objective as PLM Service Provider is to

                    (a) understand where are we compared to market standards

                    (b) evaluate which product / module of a product can be used to meet current requirements effectively

                    (c) identify gaps in the current implementation and define solutions to enhance the system.

How such assessment is carried out ?

Expert PLM Consultants from ORNNOVA would visit your company and carry out workshops with Senior Management, Mid Level Management and end users team. The vision of each team while implementing the solution might be different. ORNNOVA uses expert system to record the workshop results and identify either the gaps or the new solution required to meet common objectives.


A detailed document is prepared on the findings with cost estimate to fix or implement the solution. Customer can decide any time, to proceed with such solution whenever budget is approved.

Who can ask for PLM Service providers?

                  (a) Who is not happy with current implementation and needing improvement.

                  (b) Though the implementation is ready , but the users are unable to use the system.

                  (c) When performance of the system is very poor.

                  (d) In case confusion from various parties, on the implementation roadmap  towards next years

                  (e) To arrive at a budgetary estimate for the future enhancements

Duration: 2 weeks

This service is completed in 2 weeks. In the first week, series of workshops are conducted and in the second week detailed documentation is prepared analyzing the related systems, versions and other parameters.


Deliverable: Detailed assessment report by PLM Service provider with solution. Our PLM consultancy is very prompt and accurate in providing solutions meeting the required expectations of the client.