PLM IT Projects Implementation

We undertake implementation with a simplified solution to complex projects. We follow structured agile methodology to execute the project on time, adhering to ORNNOVA quality standards by involving customer at every step of development to ensure compatibility and understanding of the given solution at each stage.


We've developed various templates on how to execute various projects. Based on the size and complexity some of the templates are used to give better traceability and control on the project.


We believe that project and quality management are important activities and involve experts from the beginning of the project itself. Progress report and quality report on the project are the essential documents prepared at regular intervals to ensure that project completes in time with expected quality parameters.


Based on the size, complexity and confidentiality of the project  we can execute the project in an onsite and offshore model. This would give enough cost advantage to the customers.


We also believe in transferring the knowledge to the customer once the project is completed successfully. We believe that unless the procured licenses are productionized on time and effectively utilized by employees,  ROI cannot be realized.


Testing is one of the core steps that ensures quality of the implementation and delivery. Creation of right test cases is essential to test the product. ORNNOVA team assures such success with its wide testing experience.  Based on the size of the project, test cases are automated, load balancing on usage of certain resource, expensive features, and impact on servers are clearly studied during the testing process.

Training is very essential to understand the complete implementation to effectively use the system.

ORNNOVA makes various training materials available such as online, video, audio and physical copies. This would help users to understand clearly the implementation process. User/group level training materials are prepared to ensure that training is given to the users/groups which are need based to their area of work.

Production deployment process has to be designed and managed effectively. Otherwise managing changes and introducing new features would create confusion, resulting in poor performance. ORNNOVA is specialized in such process.

Warranty support is one of the key feature of our implementations.  This would support customer and also give confidence in our services.  We provide one year warranty support for any type of implementation that we execute.


Why you need ORNNOVA for implementations ?


  • Cost effective implementation

  • Organizational commitment

  • Warranty support

  • Established implementation practices

  • Operational Excellence

  • Expertise in identification of  PLM needs.

  • Repository of Best Practices

  • Time bound project execution

  • KT on project completion

  • High Quality Technical Expert Team

  • ORNNOVA price advantage