ORNNOVA Productivity Enhancement Services Bangalore

This service is used by the customers who experience performance issues and  poor productivity.


What may go wrong?


  1. Lack of best practices

  2. Complex user interface

  3. Improper data consolidation and implementation

  4. Missing technical trainings

  5. Improper usage of the product modules.


How to initiate services with ORNNOVA ?


When any customer invites us for such service, we run through series of questions to understand the current state of the system. Based on the findings we design a specific methodology to bring the desired improvement in the system. We explain the methodology, cost & time associated with such an approach.




Initial understanding and methodology preparation – 2 weeks

Implementation of methodology : more than 4-6 weeks.

Execution model:

We offer onsite / offshore model to execute and ensure cost effectiveness.


  1. Corrected implementation

  2. Substantial improvement in the usage

  3. Improved productivity

  4. Better employee satisfaction