Project Globalisation

Project Globalization is one of the key activities of implementing enterprise wide IT(PLM) systems for companies spread globally. Many companies face challenges in extending  the enterprise wide systems to other countries/locations and experience difficulties in enabling users to accurately use the systems.


When planned to deploy currently running PLM system to a new location, it is very essential to understand the needs and then deploy. Enough testing needs to be carried out to ensure :

-Features used frequently that would impact efficiency of the central server.

-Thorough testing is needed on entire product before deploying.

-Administrative and usage training to be imparted to all the new users to effectively use the system.

More crucial than above, is the right consultants must be available at the right time to manage such complex processes effectively, this is where ORNNOVA plays a vital role.


ORNNOVA becomes an enabler to our customers by providing for, theTechnical experts/consultants from the ever growing in house resource pool.