Tired of

Heavy Negotiations ?

Poor Quality Services?

Unavailability of right IT Consultants ?

Expensive IT Services ?


Being a service company, ORNNOVA has gained substantial experience on delivering high quality services. Our best practices fine-tuned from lessons learnt from various past projects, adds real value to our customers. Some of our services are as listed below:

PLM (IT) Consulting


We understand your system and suggest road-map based on your objectives, goals and budget. 

For example, any automotive company may seek such services from us to understand which PLM product / module needs to be used to address their specific requirements effectively.

ORNNOVA experts work along with customers as trusted advisors and guide the next steps.  Contact us for more details.

PLM (IT) Project Implementations


We take up end to end implementations or point to point solution implementations. Based on the confidentiality, size and complexity of the project, we undertake onsite/ offshore models to effectively deliver the project. Our implementation team deliver projects on time adhering to ORNNOVA quality standards. Such quality services at affordable pricing is worth experiencing. Contact us for more details.

Project Globalization


Project Globalization is one of the key activities of implementing enterprise wide IT(PLM) systems for global spread of companies. Many companies face challenges in extending  the enterprise wide systems to other countries/locations and enabling users to accurately use the systems..

​Productivity Enhancement


Productivity enhancement lies in effectively utilizing the PLM system and adapting to the needs. Many companies purchase various expensive modules of PLM and hardly use them due to obvious reasons. ORNNOVA believes that if effective training is given to the end users on the new modules and latest features of the PLM system, utilization and productivity of the team increases, thus meeting one of the key objectives of installing PLM system in any industry. Contact us for more details.

PLM(IT) Optimization


Performance Optimization of PLM (IT) system is very important to adapt to the existing capabilities of IT infrastructure, resources and connected supplier environment. ORNNOVA has extensive experience in optimizing the usage and performance of the PLM (IT) system, thus enabling  faster pace of development. Contact us for more details.

System Upgrades


Maintaining the PLM(IT) environment up to date is essential to ensure harmonious functionalitiesof all sub systems.

Corporate Trainings


We undertake corporate PLM trainings. Technical training is one of our key assets. we carry out training in batches based on the training topics.


Please contact us for more details.


Delegation Services


We offer delegation services globally using our business connections. Our expert technical team would interact with our business partners understand clearly the need for technical support. Using our well experienced HR team and in-house network of connected consultants, we identity the right technical expert and delegate to the customer.


AMS Services


Application Maintenance and Support ( AMS) services are very essential services for the companies with enterprise wide PLM implementations. While implementation is one of the crucial step, supporting the application and users effectively to use the system, is also an important phase., thereby leveraging expected benefits from the system, improve productivity of the users and the whole eco system.