Since the technology is constantly changing and improving, soon existing technologies needs to be upgraded or else will remain outdated. Hence to take the latest support from all related parties, it is essential to upgrade existing systems on time.




Why is it essential to upgrade the existing systems?


      - To increase and enhance the performance 

      - To receive necessary vendor support

      - To enjoy the new & latest features

      - To be in line with the market standards

      - To ensure integrity with all connected systems





The team performing the upgrade of the enterprise system must have enough experience and must be abreast with required tools and methodologies to overcome any problem while completing the upgrade process. There should be best and transparent practice to ensure that system before and after upgrade, works as expected and customer can experience the difference.

ORNNOVA expert team has enough experience and expertise in such upgrades and has mastered the system of upgrade process. System upgrades are executed based on onsite/offshore model to reduce the cost and complete it in less time.

Key steps in Upgrade Process

     - Application migration to the new version

     - Data migration

     - Testing

     - Clients migration

     - Supplier migration

How it is carried out ?

      - We conduct initial workshop to understand the complexity

      - Prepare a proposal on cost and execution model.

      - We execute on phased manner to successfully complete it.

      - We train the customer on new features of latest upgrade.

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